Remarketing and Retargeting, Sound’s same, Isn’t it???

Since they almost sound the same, Many PPC advertisers mistake the terms remarketing and retargeting interchangeably. But, these are two different online strategies and it’s crucial to know the difference if you’re are an advertiser and use both of them effectively. We can say that remarketing and retargeting basically use different channels and they also have completely different objectives. So let’s move out of any doubt and clarify the difference between these two effective marketing ways.

If you are having any doubt about these terms, so don’t worry you aren’t alone! These terms are used correspondently these days.

What do you think, are they the same? Technically, they aren’t the same.

Remarketing and Retargeting might have the same goals. But there are some important differences between the two which you need to understand.

let’s look at the concept of both the strategies:

1. Remarketing:

What is Remarketing in Digital Marketing?


Remarketing technique is about re-engaging with current and past customers for increasing sales. Basically, Remarketing uses email to reconnect with customers. Sometimes people refer to retargeting as remarketing or vice versa. For example, Google’s Remarketing Tools, all those tools are retargeting tools in the definitive sense.

Undoubtedly, this is quite confusing, but, just remember that remarketing and retargeting have similar long-term goals, and the term is not as crucial as the related strategy.

Emailing a customer to renew a service or recommend a product are some examples of remarketing. It’s all about “a brand is reminding a user to act”, with the help of the information about their purchase history. This happens in email marketing but it can also be done in the form of paid ads targeted toward current users.

To perform this technique, there will be the requirement of an email list to release the full potential of remarketing emails.  When the customer has the purpose to purchase a product or service so the remarketing technique is useful. It’s all about re-engaging with the customers who have already done business with your brand.

2. Retargeting:


what is Retargeting


Identifying users who have interacted with your website in the past and targeting them through online advertising such as display ads is known as retargeting. In simple terms, retargeting is re-approaching past users to whom you can consider as potential customers. In this era, customer and business interaction is not restricted to a one-time engagement. With retargeting techniques, you can approach customers who have shown interest in your services in past.

Where the retargeted ads appear

Where the retargeted ads appear: Retargeted display ads appear on third-party networks like Google Display Network and Facebook. It is defined as online ad placement or display ads targeting, users who have interacted with your site but left without purchasing. In other words, you can target your past customers anytime and anywhere with the help of retargeting technique. One of the biggest advantages of retargeting technique is it helps you reach out to your potential customers on other platforms even after they have left your website. And, also stopped interacting with your brand.

When a user visits your site, and takes a certain action like clicks on a product, so a cookie is set in their browser which stores the relevant information about the user. After that, you can utilize this information to “retarget” them with ads on the basis of their interaction and interest.

This technique not only increases the rate of conversion but also raise your brand awareness

3. Similarities between remarketing and retargeting:


Similarities between remarketing and retargeting

Retargeting and remarketing both provide you the chance to reach your customers. Both of these techniques encourage your potential customers to make a purchase. Remarketing and Retargeting have similar goals but technically they aren’t similar. But, if we focus on the long-term objectives of both the
techniques so they are having the same goals for the long term i.e. increment in conversion rate.

4. Differences between Remarketing and Retargeting:

Difference Between Remarketing and Retargeting

Retargeting is all about paid ads to re-approach users who have visited your website or social profiles. Whereas, Remarketing uses email to re-approach customers who had made purchases from your site in past or have interacted with your business.

If we say about marketing objectives, retargeting is all about attracting your past visitors back to your website so that they can convert into potential customers. But, Remarketing is about re-approaching your existing users to keep them engaged with your brand, through remarketing techniques you can encourage them to buy more and maximize conversion value.

5. Remarketing or Retargeting… Which one is better for your business?

remarketing or retargeting, which one is better

While comparing both the terms, the concepts become less clear as both are having the same long-term objective. But if we discuss which one is best for your business so it completely depends on your audience’s interest. Retargeting ads focus on paid campaigns whereas remarketing focuses on email campaigns. To know which techniques are better for your business you should know where your audience spent their time and what are their interests.


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