What is Marketing Automation?


What is Marketing Automation
Using software to automate marketing tasks is Marketing automation. With the help of marketing automation, you can target your potential customers, and convert them into sales. It automates tasks that bring the potential customer to the point where they can be directly contacted by the sales department for conversion and starting an ongoing relationship. Most of the marketing segments automate daily activities such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns too. Marketing Automation not only increases efficiency but also gives a more personalized and relevant experience for customers. This technology of marketing automation gives efficient results and makes the activity easier too.

Marketing automation provides you a richer and more informative picture of the behavior of prospects. So that you can track your potential customers on the basis of their behavioral interests. It can help your marketing team to understand a prospect’s interests and what is their position in the purchasing cycle. They can then customize any follow-up based on those action points.

Its software contains many interesting features that upskill marketers to develop result-oriented marketing plans. This type of software makes marketers more efficient. Basically, its objective is to maintain lead management and other marketing tasks for generating more revenue With these tools, marketers can quickly access customer data from multiple sources, create the strategy, and combine and analyze customer behavior for better conversions and revenue.

In simple words, we can say that marketing automation is a merger of technology and tactics. It allows you to raise prospects with highly personalized, relevant content that converts prospects to happy customers.

In this competitive market, thinking of creating efficient marketing easy is not easy. But, with good software, you can nurture leads well enough to get paying customers.

Features of Marketing Automation

1. Helps in daily tasks

Marketing automation- Daily Task

Are you going through marketing inefficiencies? If yes, then marketing automation can help. You can automate certain manual activities. After that, your staff will be free to focus on more planning work which will result in improvement in overall performance and optimize marketing campaigns. The automation of marketing has made it easy to shoot emails and send promotion SMS. Also, with this tool, you can send personalized messages to buyers at each stage of the purchase

2. More efficient

Marketing Automation- Efficient

In a growing digital environment, marketers have pressure to give more with less. They are assigned to generate more leads, increase revenue, and final deals faster. Once one task is finished, another comes up immediately. Marketing automation takes up many tasks from marketers’ busy schedules. So that they can focus on more planning work.

3. Knowing your potential customer

knowing your potential customers

Marketers can’t just stick to manage leads or raising awareness for the brand. And, they also have to check that the leads generated are a good fit for the company. There’s no use in increasing lead generation if the leads are having no chance to convert into sales. Marketing automation provides you the data to understand your potential customers. So, you will have the option to personalize each customer’s journey from the first step to the conversion and beyond. With marketing data, you can nurture your lead convert them into sales.

4. Track your potential customer

Tracking user actions is important, and marketing automation helps you to track, and manage, and check the position of your potential customers in the purchase funnel. It also allows you to better optimize your campaigns and better display the returns of your efforts. Simply, you can use retargeting and recirculation to optimize engagement and approach the buyer. It makes it easier to provide relevant content to the prospect on the right platform. So that they can openly engage with you.

5. Increment in Conversions

Increment in conversion

As per 60%, B2B marketers generating relevant leads is the biggest task. Dealing with leads that can’t be converted or a leaky sales funnel is irritating but it can be resolved. Marketing automation helps you to raise prospects with the right and useful data across different channels until they are ready to convert into your potential customers.

We at Shipgig Ventures provide you with a great marking strategy. Also, We focus on your prospect’s behavior, analyze the right time to convert them into buyers. As it is easy to catch up on daily tasks with marketing automation


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