AI Data Annotation & Enhancement

To train AI/ML algorithms, textual content, image scans, and more can be used. It is, however, essential to tag the different types of objects within the data before feeding it to the algorithm so that it can learn. That way, you can make meaningful predictions or insights based on your provided data. You can use the AI Data Annotation and enhancement tool to tag specific objects within textural and visual media so algorithms can recognize them for analyzing fraud or predicting customer behaviour.

Experience: The most diverse and extensive network of companies in the industry.

Technology: With our cutting-edge technology, we can enhance data labelling and annotate images in real time with AI.

Size: We can handle projects of any size regarding data labelling.

Quality: High-quality assurance is an integral part of our quality assurance process. We directly manage all our annotators and qualified experts in various domains.

Services We Offer

General Text Annotation: Using high-value business documents and conversations to unlock critical information, we provide text data annotation services to help reveal inefficiencies and opportunities within our customers' organizations. Additionally, we can get trained on your high-value datasets and spend less time learning about them.

Medical Text Annotation: It is necessary to have a deep understanding of medical terminology to label medical data effectively. As a professional labelling company, we provide highly skilled & seasoned annotators that have accumulated years of experience marking health-related data on behalf of organizations.

General Image Annotation: An image annotation is a process of adding tags. It can be done manually by clicking on some regions of an image with a mouse or automatically by using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing tools. Computers can categorize flowchart diagrams, medical images, satellite images, etc.

Medical Image Annotation: Several aspects of healthcare require medical image analysis. This includes everything from preliminary screening and diagnostics to the monitoring of chronic diseases, cancer research, tissue improvement, and more. AI-backed machines detect patterns using Computer Vision and correlate them with medical imaging data to identify possible diseases and prepare reports.

Audio annotation services can be used to develop, train, and improve voice-enabled applications such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana. An experienced project management team and linguists trained in voice processing technology around the world can collect hours of multilingual audio data to teach conversational AI applications how to respond appropriately. As well as transcription services, we offer analysis of your audio files for meaningful insights.
Video Annotation
You can label and extract specific objects in every video frame using our advanced video annotation tool. Using time-lapse video, we capture each object's size and location over time and provide a reliable dataset for all your computer vision needs. These services can improve almost any computer vision model we provide because we have the technology and experience to offer them.

Why Choose Shipgig Ventures
for Data Transcription Services

With Shipgig, you'll receive expert data annotation help from certified annotators who help boost your project's operations. Data requirements of any scale can be fulfilled by our resources and capacity, allowing your business to grow.
Superior annotation quality
Having experts well-versed in the domain, we offer data annotation services for all types of data. Our AI systems are supervised by them from data collection to annotation and review, so they oversee every output.
Zero internal bias
We eliminate sample, internal, and prejudice biases using our data annotation and labelling experts. Our goal is to provide you with realistic training datasets that are free of discrimination, making your ML algorithms more accurate.
High process efficiency
By utilizing our stage-gate model, we can maximize process efficiency. As part of our working methodology, our team members ensure the quality of the annotated data while improving performance at each step.
World-class data security
Our data annotation service provider always maintains the highest data security standards with enhanced privacy. Our compliance with PHI and PII regulations ensures the confidentiality of your information.
Cross-industry compatibility
The in-house experts at Shipgig are well-trained, experienced, and qualified. As a result, we can offer data annotation services to businesses of all types and sizes, regardless of their industry type.

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We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.

Do you want us to look at your project?

We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.
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© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.