Effortless conversion of Audio and Video into Data Transcripts

The Shipgig Team values both diligence and ingenuity. Consequently, we offer high-quality human-generated data transcription services that swiftly transform your crucial files—be they audio, video, image, and more—into easily readable text. Our transcription services support over 150 native languages, aiming for over 95% accuracy to enhance accessibility and understanding.

Enhancing transcription efficiency through the fusion of AI technology and human collaboration

At Shipgig Ventures, we provide exceptional transcripts tailored to your business requirements. Our adept team of certified professionals and transcribers guarantees precision and promptness. Employing speech-to-text processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we elevate the standard and precision of our services. Through our Data Transcription Services, we endeavor to amplify your business visibility. To ensure you gain a competitive edge, we adhere to a comprehensive agile process, crafted to deliver innovation from start to finish.

Audio and Video Transcription Capabilities

150+ languages

95% + data accuracy

Guaranteed TAT

5+ Years Experience

10k + transcribers

Compliance & Security

100% Human Generated Global Data Transcription Services

With our cloud-based software, we provide AI data transcription services for more than 200 languages, including English, to help companies scale not just in their local markets but also in global markets without the expense of setting up their transcription infrastructure and hiring transcription specialists.

AI Data Transcription Services

Occasionally, managing external data or recordings proves challenging, requiring meticulous organization. Our Data Transcription services are tailored to meet your exacting standards, prioritizing precision. At Shipgig Ventures, we excel in delivering exceptional transcription solutions, such as AI Data Transcription. With a pool of over 10,000 linguists from 100+ countries, proficient in video analysis and audio comprehension, we ensure meticulous screening. Our intuitive online transcription tool harnesses the power of AI and machine learning for a seamless user experience.

Audio Transcription Services

Be it a lone speaker’s dialogue or intricate directives like personalized segmentation or noise identification, we offer the utmost in dependable audio transcription services. This facilitates effortless sharing of your information, particularly beneficial for lengthy speeches that might be challenging for someone to listen to in full.

Video Transcription Services

In this digital age, online videos go viral and are readily accessible! Transcribing YouTube videos enhances visibility on search engines, making it easier for potential customers to discover you online. Our AI Data Transcription services encompass top-tier video translation services offered at highly competitive rates.

Why Choose Shipgig Ventures
for Data Transcription Services

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level
Every step of the transcription process will be completed with high quality and accuracy using our advanced equipment.
Comprehensive Language Solutions
Many dialects and accents are decoded in transcription. Language solutions we offer are carefully reviewed.
Certified Transcription Services
Our native transcriptionists know how to use the correct punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary.
Native Expert Transcribers
Transcribers we hire are highly trained and experienced and have a thorough understanding of transcription.
Easy Project Consultation
To understand your needs clearly, we conduct a small consultation before we begin work.
Fastest Turnaround Time
Our fast turnaround time and professional assistance enable us to deliver your work on time or ahead of schedule.

Do you want us to look at your project?

We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.

Do you want us to look at your project?

We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.
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© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.