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Using advanced technology and AI-driven tools, we continually strive to fulfill your data collection and generation needs. We provide field data for AI and ML project preparation, development, implementation, and deployment, including training data and testing data. Our AI Data Collection and generation processes with powered techniques are also supervised by industry experts to ensure accuracy.

Technology-backed outstanding accuracy

Through our API-integrated platform, you can fetch services within minutes to meet your AI-ML project requirements, utilizing modern technology, software tools, and AI algorithms. We provide all types of data, whether positive or negative, RSS feeds, permuted data, or transactional data. In addition, we provide test data in a variety of formats, including X12 EDI and other dynamic standards. Data experts and industry specialists carefully review our dataset generation & collection process powered by advanced AI algorithms to ensure accuracy and quality.

Explore our AI data collection services

Data collection & generation assistance includes identification, integration, profiling, cleaning, and preparing data so that it can be used for training and testing software applications, machine learning models, and augmented algorithms. Some of our services are listed below.

Text Data Collection Services For Natural Language Processing

To help you train and develop precise ML and NLP models, our AI-assisted professional team strives to deliver exceptional multilingual textual datasets. Using our AI-driven systems, text detection algorithms, and text recognition software, we collect data for a variety of textual data formats, including receipts, invoices, tickets, medical notes, financial reports, electronic health records, physician dictation transcripts, etc. We help you unlock significant information hidden in unstructured textual data by offering state-of-the-art data collection services.

Image Data Collection Services For Computer Vision

Our services include image-based datasets for drone training and development, self-driving vehicles, healthcare imaging and scanning, and other computer-vision applications. Data collection services include document collection, facial recognition data collection, medical image collection, and food dataset collection, as well as semantic segmentation, classification, categorization, and transcription of images. To equip your software models and machine learning applications for OCR training, object tracking, biometric analysis, and more, we collect data for a vast range of images.

Audio Data Collection Services For Natural Language Processing

In addition to audio datasets, Shipgig offers real-time configuration in 120+ languages and dialects. Using our NLP-curated high-quality audio datasets, you can train and develop digital assistants, eCommerce chatbots, ASR models, and TTS models. We offer all types of audio and speech data collection services, whether you want to collect professional recordings or classify pre-recorded samples. In addition to 500+ certified linguists and native speakers, we facilitate large volumes of validated audio data.

Video Data Collection For Computer Vision

To train your machine learning and computer vision models, we collect high-resolution audio-visual data from surveillance videos, traffic videos, biometric videos, transcript videos, demographics, and human behavior videos. In order to offer you the cleanest data possible, our team considers the moving objects frame-by-frame. Additionally, we offer object detection, object localization, video tracking, and video classification services using AI-driven software and pre-collected training videos.

Sensor Data Collection

With our collected high-scale sensor fusion datasets, you’ll be able to quickly train your CV, machine learning, and artificial intelligence models to classify objects, detect stationary and mobile objects, track and link object data, segment point clouds, identify patterns, and more in both 2-D and 3-D modules. Sensor data is automatically extracted and labeled from thermal cameras, biomedical, radar, lidar, etc., hassle-free at high speed.

Why Choose Us?

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Wide Industrial Coverage

We offer AI-based data collection and generation assistance to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, IT, telecommunications, retail, business, academics, banking, and insurance.
Security and Confidentiality
Your privacy is important to us, and we take responsibility for protecting that information. For seamless security and discretion of your project details, we adhere to GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and NDA protocols.
Dataset Customization
Shipgig customizes data collection services for your ML, AI, or CV models according to your particular needs. You can customize our training and test datasets for your applications and software.
Exceptional Workflow
Our team of data collectors, analysts, and professionals use the most advanced technology to source, profile, clean, and prepare synthetic and semantic datasets with the best use cases and highest level of accuracy.
Affordable Quick Services
You will require a specific type of data to complete your machine learning project, which isn't always available online. As a company, we are best known for our ability to create custom datasets quickly and efficiently.
Global Accessibility
The security and privacy of our system are of the utmost importance to us. We have implemented multiple security features to ensure the validity of data within our platform, including built-in evaluations as a means of ensuring data validity.

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We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.

Do you want us to look at your project?

We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.
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© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2023 – Shipgig Ventures Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved.